Skylights Adelaide: Manual vs Electric

Skylights have the ability to transform your home, allowing natural light to flood in and brighten up any space.

With their discreet design and excellent functionality, you’ll enjoy the benefits of owning your Adelaide skylights from the very beginning.

One crucial thing to decide when considering the best skylight option for you is whether you want to have a manual or electric operated skylight. There are advantages to both and to figure out which is the best opening system for you, there are a number of things you may want to consider.

Manually Operated Skylights

If your ceilings are of an average height and your skylight will be within easy reach, you may find that a manually operated skylight could work well for you and your family.


Whenever you need to let out heat or moisture, you simply open the simple mechanism and your skylight will be open. You have complete control within seconds and you can regulate the temperature of your home quickly and easily.

A manually operated skylight doesn’t require any electrics and isn’t dependent upon a remote control. You won’t have to install any additional wiring or systems and can begin using your skylight as soon as it’s installed.

If you do choose to have a manually operated skylight, you must always remember to close it when going out or when the chances of rain are high. Leaving your skylight open in bad weather could lead to damage of furniture and furnishings.

Electric Skylights

Technology is evolving all the time and life in the home has experienced significant changes. Skylight providers are keeping up with the times and now offer excellent electric skylights, which can be controlled via a remote control or switch.

Electric skylights are the perfect option for those who live in homes with very high ceilings or who have window spaces that are hard to reach. This can often lead to home owners being reluctant to open and close windows due to the effort it requires, sometimes leading to poor ventilation and resulting issues.

In fact, technology has developed so far that many electric skylights now have fitted sensors which can tell when it starts to rain and will therefore close automatically. Imagine that! You won’t have to worry about always checking the weather forecast or worrying if you’re out of the house and it starts to rain.

Although some people are put off by the perception that electric skylights will require extensive wiring, some providers are now offering options, which do not need any hard wiring and can be used almost immediately.

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