Verandahs: What Makes A Good One?

Australia’s climate is a large part of why we enjoy one of the best lifestyle’s in the world. Indoor Outdoor living has been a way of life for Australians for years and it’s often made possible by the use of verandahs Adelaide as extensions of the home.

So what makes a good verandah from a building inspection perspective?


 Many people neglect their verandahs. They become a dumping ground for old appliances, bicycles and storage boxes. Make sure you don’t let this happen by regularly clearing out your verandah and keeping it in good condition.

Eating Al Fresco

Eating meals outside is one of life’s great pleasures and it’s easy to do if you have a verandah. Invest in a good table and chairs that are both durable and comfortable. Putting a barbeque out here will draw people outside and make it the perfect entertaining space.

In Summer, many families move their kitchen tables out to the verandah on a permanent basis, only moving it back inside once the weather gets cooler.

Cleaning and Upkeep

No one wants to sit on a verandah that is full of leaves or old possessions gathering dust. Make sure you keep yours clean. Wiping down the verandah with sugar soap and water will help to keep it looking fresh, and a regular lick of paint will ensure it’s picture perfect all year round.

Light It Up

Verandahs need good lighting. Whether you use lantern lighting, candles or extend your electrics to cover the outdoors it’ll make all the difference especially once the sun sets and darkness falls. Tea lights are a big favourite as they’re safer than stand alone candles and you can drop them into small pots or glasses and dot them around your space.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve got the basics of a well made verandah adorned with some good quality outdoor furniture, you can get started on the fun bits. Why not find some bright cushions to cheer up the space, or add some framed photos, house plants or coffee tables to the space to really make it feel like part of your home.  Check out the website for more verandah inspiration.