What is a Property Inspection?

Property inspections are limited and non-invasive examination of a property’s condition. It is often carried out when that property is to be bought or sold. Knowing as much as possible about a property before you buy is likely to save you from problems or extra costs, especially if you are a first-home buyer. It is often conducted by a qualified property inspector; a well trained and certified property inspector in their area of operation. The property to be inspected can be a house, an automobile, land or a home.

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The Purpose of Property Inspections

The main purpose for property inspection is to provide an appropriate advice to the purchaser, regarding the condition of the property in question. This advice is supposed to be professional and accurate. That is why the inspector must be highly qualified if an accurate information is to be delivered. The report given by the inspector contains details of both the minor and major defects found in the property.


Crucial Inspection Areas

The property inspector is supposed to thoroughly inspect all the accessible parts of the property and all the outbuildings within 30 meters from the property, or within the property’s boundary. Some of the areas the inspector is supposed to put in mind most include:

– The property’s interior. If the property is a house, the inspector must exhaust every little detail of the interior.

– The roof space

– The exterior features

– The sub-floor space

– The exterior of the roof


Property inspections can be typically separated into 3 areas:

Visual Building Inspection

You meet your inspector at that property at the agreed time, and you go through the evaluation together. It is an enjoyable process that is very easy if the inspector is good. You feel an amazing air of unfamiliarity in the property, in the professional guide of an expert. It is advisable that you participate directly in the property inspection, even though it is not mandatory. The time take in the inspection process varies with the following factors:property inspections pic

– The efficiency of the inspector

– The property size

– The physical condition

– The level of co-operation of both parties


Building Inspection Report

During the visual inspection process, the inspector answers verbally, the questions that the clients asks, but the findings must be documented and put down in a very informative report for formalities. It is necessary that the report be availed to you within two days after the actual inspection.


Post-Inspection Resource

After receiving your copy of the report from the inspector, you can still seek assistance from them regarding arising issues. They are at your service even after the delivery of the report. They can assist you with questions regarding the report or the actual inspection results. These services are included in the inspection charge. An inspector can remain a valuable resource to you long after moving into your new property. The good thing is that most of them don’t charge consultation fee on their clients as long as it’s a verbal consultation.


Property inspections are very important procedures that you must employ if you don’t want your new property to disappoint after you’ve moved in. Being qualified for the job means that these inspectors can be trusted with the inspection. Just be careful on the inspector you select for the job. The credibility of the inspector is crucial.